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Results Post News 19/02/13

Summary of BAMB Final event SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH

Thank you for celebrating our results with us and sharing the circular solutions created with all stakeholders of the co [...]


Pilot Project Blog

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Post News 19/01/22

170 students experienced the circular building economy at SLIM Circular ’18-’19: Workshop with EPEA, 23 January 2019, Ede, The Nederlands

Excellencedag inspired 170 SLIMCircular students with workshops, training sessions and experimental labs The national Ex [...]

Reversibel Building Design Post Pilots and case studies Materials Passports Events 18/03/20

Visit Reversible Building Modules (REMs) at Kamp C Westerlo, 1 December 2018 to 14 February 2019, Nederlands

The Reversible Experience Modules exhibition is built from more than 70 products and systems designed for reuse, recover [...]

Post Events 19/01/31


As a follow-up to the CERAACTIVITY # 5 conferences "RE-EMPLOYMENT: CIRCULAR IDEAS FOR ROLLING PRACTICES", we invite you [...]

Post Pilots and case studies News Circular Retrofit Lab 18/10/19

Pilot Project Blog

The Pilot Project Blog on the BAMB website will showcase all the work that is done within the different pilots in the pr [...]

Post News 19/01/16

“Future Circular Cities – Making it Real”, 24 January 2019, Peterborough, England

BAMB partner Gilli Hobbs spok about BAMB and the BRE experience on “Future Circular Cities – Making it Real” Developing [...]

Post News 19/01/22

Keynote speakers and exciting parallel sessions at BAMB’s final event “Buildings As Materials Banks – a  pathway for a circular future”

The programme for BAMB’s final event “Buildings As Materials Banks – a  pathway for a circular future” (SBE19 Brussels – [...]

Post News 19/01/25

Subscribe to webinar: Atelier Economie Circulaire, 28 January 2019 (in French)

BAMB partner Caroline Henrotay, IBGE, will be presenting the BAMB outputs to the participants of the project of the Fren [...]

Pilots and case studies News 18/12/18

“We need to look further”- podcast from Build With Care – One Planet network with Teodora Capelle, Brussels Environment

Listen to a podcast about the pilots in BAMB with BAMB partner Teodora Capelle, manager of Pilot Projects in BAMB, Bruss [...]

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