How will the BAMB pilots become a reality?

Find the answers in the Feasibility report

The pilots are an important part of the BAMB Project in order to maximize the BAMB project’s innovation potential, dissemination impact and stakeholder involvement.

New design, manufacturing, construction and maintenance approaches for dynamic and circular buildings are being investigated and demonstrated. Various operational and testing environments are choosen for the  6 Pilot Projects, that are spread geographically across Europe.

Reversible Building Design approaches, the implementation of Materials Passports, new business models for circular material value chains, organized supplier communities, etc. developed in other work packages are being investigated in the 6 real construction or refurbishment projects.

The constructions are funded foremost by private partner investments. These private partners assign experts (designers, engineers, production houses, contractors…) for the design, manufacturing and construction of the pilots.

The pilots also play a decisive role in creating awareness for the BAMB concepts in the design, construction, management and disassembly of buildings. All pilots are locations demonstrating (aspects of) the project and can be visited.

The deliverable D12 provides a synthesis of the feasibility analyses performed for each of the pilot projects. These feasibility studies investigate the challenges, opportunities and barriers identified regarding the implementation of Reversible Building concepts.

D12 Feasibility report + Feedback report Testing BAMB results through prototyping and Pilot Projects (pdf 4,8 MB)

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