BAMB Reversible Design Competition

BAMB welcomes students of architecture and engineering to participate in the “BAMB’s Reversible design competition”.

Using BAMB’s materials passports’ platform and BAMB´s reversible design guidelines and protocol, the competition invites students to release their ideas and innovative plans to design a reversible building that has flexibility and transformation capacity to change its function by time according to the changeable needs in order to embrace three temporary functions: commercial, residential and services.

The main goal of the competition is to twist the visions of young professionals-to-be towards the circular economy concepts in the building sector, its new opportunities and applications.

The winners of the BAMB´s Reversible Design Competition

We are proud to announce the results of the BAMB’s Reversible Design Competition. Eighty four teams from twenty-three countries were engaged in the competition. We received very good proposals and it was extremely difficult to choose the winners. But a competition has no value without a winner, hence the jury of BAMB Reversible Design Competition have decided on the winners as:

1st prize: Team 53 – Joseph Shenton, Khe Lyn and Gabriel Wyderkiewicz / Manchester School of Architecture

Click here to see the poster.


2nd prize: Team 54 – Adamos Nicolaou, Georgia Thomas, Thomas Hayden John Wilkinson / Manchester School of Architecture

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3rd prize: Team 50 – Kieran Thompson, Andrew Chung, Fraser Streatfield / Manchester School of Architecture

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Congratulations to all winners and to all the participants!
We hope that you enjoyed participating as much as we enjoyed conducting the competition. During BAMB´s final event 5-7 February 2019 the contributions from the students was in the exhibition.

Competition Schedule

Competition release and registration starts: 4th July 2018

Registration ends: 03rd December 2018

Material submission deadline: 9th December 2018

Results announcement: 14th January 2019

Prizes and awards

1st prize 1200 euros + certificate

2nd prize 500 euros + certificate

3rd prize 300 euros + certificate


University of Minho on behalf of BAMB’s consortium.

For further information and questions, please contact us at:


Luis Bragança – Jury chair (UM – University of Minho)

Elma Durmisevic (UTwente – University of Twente)

Teodora Capelle (IBGE – Brussels Environment)

Anne Paduart (VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Lars Luscuere (EPEA – Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency)

The jury decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

The jury reserves the right to award no endowment if it considers that no project has complied with the conditions and requirements of this competition.

Short biographies of the Jury members

Publishing Right

All materials submitted to “BAMB’s reversible design competition” become the property of BAMB project.

BAMB will have the right to consider all submissions, regardless of their winning status, for future publications.