170 students experienced the circular building economy at SLIM Circular ’18-’19: Workshop with EPEA, 23 January 2019, Ede, The Nederlands

Excellencedag inspired 170 SLIMCircular students with workshops, training sessions and experimental labs The national Excellence Day was a party for students and teachers at various parallel workshops, training courses and experimental labs. During the experiment labs students and teachers were allowed to work with straw, lime / hemp, cork / sedum, eco paint, clay plaster, residual materials of, among other things, wallpaper with which dividing walls can be coated and mycelium.

A circular approach in the construction sector requires a different approach to dealing with materials than traditional construction: materials are suddenly not only intended for a destination, but are given multiple destinations over a much longer period of time. Increasingly circular construction is now being taken into account.

BAMB partner Lars Luscuere, EPEA, got deeper into this object in his workshop.


EPEA: Circulair houden gaat over een integrale aanpak in het ontwerp van materialen, gebouwen, gebieden en infrastructuur