Green Transformable Building Lab (GTBL). Image: © durmisevic

Green Transformable Building Lab (GTBL)

- case studies and pilots in BAMB

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Green Transformable Building Lab will be the place for test and demonstration of design tools, building products and elements in an operational environment. In order to provide independence and exchangeability of building elements (a key to re-use) experiments will especially focus on standardization of interfaces between different building systems and functional integration of reconfigurable and upgradable modular components.


The Lab will be designed as a trans-functional and open platform and by introducing plugins in building components the structure will be able to change form and function adjusting its configuration to the required performance without substantial loss of value of materials, while providing optimal comfort, healthy climate and local energy production. After the construction of the first configuration at least 1 transformation of the building will be performed.

GTB Lab will be developed jointly with the construction industry which is an important stakeholder in the GTB LAB development. This will enable investigation of new business and operational models through the pilot.

  • Objectives: Green Transformable Building Lab aims to demonstrate that waste generated by changing functions of a building can be reduced by 70% through the use of upgradable modular and exchangeable components. The use of virgin materials will be reduced by 50%.