Case studies and pilots

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Case studies and pilots

Reversible design approaches, the implementation of Materials Passports and new business models for circular material value chains etc. developed in BAMB will be tested in six pilot cases. The pilot cases will investigate and demonstrate new design, manufacturing, construction and maintenance approaches for dynamic and circular buildings.

In order to maximise the BAMB project´s innovation potential, dissemination impact and stakeholder involvement, practical real-life examples are vital to test and demonstrate the project outputs in various settings. A part of the investments for the constructions will be funded foremost by private partners.

The six pilot cases vary in function, type and status and they are spread geographically throughout Europe. BAMB results will be tested in feasibility studies, through prototyping and in construction.

Reversed logistics

In a new circular approach to resources, the reversed logistics need to be as sophisticated as forward logistics. The full potential value of the circular economy is embedded in the re-use, maintenance, refurbishment, and remanufacturing of materials and components. This demands effective ways to structure the take-back logistics. BAMB supports a new circular approach by developing Materials Passports, Reversibel Building Design, new business models, policy propositions, by management and decision-making models , by involving the industry and practically testing in the pilots.

Image: © durmisevic