“CIRCULARITY THROUGH DESIGN” – BAMB at ARISE SYMPOSIUM 31 May 2018, University of Twente, Enschede; The Nederlands

Arise, the knowledge platform for Advanced Research on Innovations in Sustainability and Energy, organized also last year (2017) a symposium to celebrate its first anniversary and to present and discuss current Arise topics and to bring academics, companies and governmental organizations together to think about solutions. The event focused on topics related to circular economy and sustainable energy.

Two BAMB partners gave presentations. BAMB partner Dr. Elma Durmišević gave a Researchers´perspective presentation of “Reversible Building Design – Tools and Protocols” and Marc van den Berg on “How demolition Contractors create new Life”.

Dr. Elma Durmišević, Head of EU Research Group Reversible Buildings at University of Twente, head of 4D Architects office in Amsterdam, executive board member of Dutch Building Innovation Platform Boosting and jury member for the Dutch Building award 2016 and 2017. founder of Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings in the Netherlands, and Green Design Centre for South East Europe.

Marc van den Berg is a PhD student focusing on coordination, collaboration and communication mechanisms within a circular construction industry. Through working closely with industry and drawing on theoretical insights from related fields (including Building Information Modeling, logistics and design thinking), he aims to provide answers to the urgent questions that this industry faces.