Special Interest Groups Membership

– in the BAMB stakeholder Network

The BAMB-project invites stakeholders with a special interest in one of the projects topics to join our  Special Interest Groups (SIG):

  1. Materials Passports
  2. Reversible Building Design
  3. Data management (including BIM)
  4. Circular Building Business Models
  5. Policies and Standards
  6. Case Studies and Pilots



The Special Interest Groups allows the BAMB Consortium to interact directly with smaller groups of stakeholders, more specifically interested in the topics throughout the project. The interaction may be as workshops, feed-back on results and developments etc.

Individual agreements concerning data and information sharing may need to be put in place for some of these members.

How to join

Watch the movie on how to join the BAMB Stakeholder Network and fill in the form further down.


Other ways to get involved.


Register for the Stakeholder Network and Special Interest Groups in the form below. Please fill in if you agree or not to share your contact information with other members in the Stakeholder Network and/or with associated project consortiums. If you want to know more, please see the “Bamb Stakholder Network terms of reference” above.

The checkboxes for the Special Interest Groups will appear after the checkbox for General Membership is checked.

I agree that BAMB save personal information about me.

I agree that BAMB save personal information about me and with the Stakeholder Network Terms of Reference and Procedures for the Protection of Personal Data. Read more