The jury of BAMB’s Reversible design competition

Below follows short biographies of the Jury members for BAMB’s Reversible design competition.


Luís Bragança

Luís Bragança is PhD, MSc and Licentiate in Civil Engineering and is Professor at the Civil Engineering Department of the School of Engineering of University of Minho, Portugal. He is the coordinator of the international post-graduation programs (PhD and MSc) in Sustainable Built Environment and the director of the Building Physics and Construction Technology Laboratory. His main areas of interest are Sustainable Construction Development (sustainability assessment tools, life-cycle analysis, sustainable building technologies and sustainable rehabilitation of buildings), Building Physics, Building Acoustics and the Rational Use of Energy in Buildings. He participates actively in the national and international standardizing work concerning Sustainable Construction, Building Thermal Performance and Building Acoustics.

Throughout his career he participated in 33 R&D projects (10 as leader or co-leader) and in more than 200 consultancy works for industry and private clients. The coordination of the European Project “Sustainability of Constructions – Integrated Approach to Life-time Engineering” is worth to be highlighted and the most recent R&D projects he coordinates are the Ibero-American Projects “URBENERE – Energy Efficient Urban Communities” and “CIRES – Sustainable, Eco-efficient, Resilient and Inclusive Cities”. He is author or co-author of 3 registered patents and more than 400 publications, including books, chapters of book, keynote lectures, papers and articles in international and national conferences and journals, 134 of which have been published in prestigious international journals with high impact factor (63 papers indexed in ISI/WoS; 67 papers indexed in Scopus; Scopus h-index = 9).

Professor Luís Bragança is the President of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE) since 2011.


Elma Durmesevic

Elma Durmesevic, is a founder and leader of Centre for Green Transformable Buildings in the Netherlands, founder of Sarajevo Green Design Foundation, head of the 4D Architects office in Amsterdam and executive board member of Dutch Building Innovation Platform Boosting. Dr.Elma Durmišević holds a PhD at the Delft University of Technology on Transformable Building Structures, and Design for Disassembly as a way to introduce green engineering into building design and construction.

Durmisevic Initiated a consortium for the development and construction of a Green Transformable Building Laboratory in The Netherlands, is a Chair of workgroup of Innovation Platform Twente, cluster construction, Member of the Board of Innovation platform for architecture and construction in the Netherlands SLimBouwen, member of number of juries and scientific comities, reviewer of scientific books and journals, was a project leader of number of innovation projects at the Technical University of Delft, has developed number of innovative building systems and measurement tools for sustainable architecture and construction which were published in international books, scientific journals, conference papers, was a key note speaker at major international events on green design and architecture and lecturer at the world leading institutions and conferences. Durmisevic developed a curriculum the new master program for green engineering at the University of Twente. Durmisevic indicates that dynamic changes in use of buildings coupled with growing environmental issues will require fundamentally different way of building design in the future.

Her design portfolio includes urban planning projects, multifunctional buildings and sports facilities, offices, villas and flexible and energy saving building systems. Here workshops with students evolved into ongoing International Design Studios for development of multifunctional and transformable buildings with University of Delft and later on with Universities Twente, Sarajevo and Yldiz. Durmisevic is a main architect and manager of number of big and medium scale green architectural works which were published in international books and journals.


Lars Luscuere

Lars Luscuere, Msc. is Scientific Project manager at EPEA Nederland B.V. He is project manager and co-developer of the Horizon 2020 Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB) project. In this project he leads the development of Materials Passports as a tool to move towards a Circular Economy.

Lars has a background in Human Technology and Industrial Ecology, studying the application of Circularity to sociotechnical systems. He graduated Human Technology on an innovative method for measuring sustainability related ambitions at the CEO-level, and Industrial Ecology with a sociotechnical perspective analysis on the resiliency of the Dutch electricity grid with regards to climate change and its effects.


Teodora r. Capelle

Teodora r. Capelle, as a participant to the H2020 Research project “Building as Material Banks”, Teodora CAPELLE is actively following the development and the results of the pilot projects teams in charge with testing circular building design during different construction phases from prototyping to the building phase. Working together with partners and stakeholders in a co-creational process she gathers insights about the necessary actions and interactions within the value chain, the market and business opportunities to achieve effective circular results, such as waste reduction, and natural resources preservation.

High Honors MBA graduate from Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management and ENPC Paris  Teodora studied urban planning and architecture at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – Master of Architecture in Human Settlements  2005) and “University of Architecture and Urbanism, Ion Mincu”, Bucharest, 2003. Since 2003, her experience has spanned both expertise and coordination of sustainable architecture and urban development projects and policies, in varied contexts. Her great efforts to develop environmental projects were awarded by the Brussels Ministry of Environment as the Laureate of Exemplary Building. As a project leader for the urban and spatial planning office BUUR (Bureau voor Urbanism, Belgium) she is currently working on circular urban planning and design projects. She is leading strategic regional development projects such as “PAD Caserne”, the first circular economy ambitious regional 40000sqm project to be developed in the coming years.


Anne Paduart

Anne Paduart is postdoctoral researcher at the TRANSFORM research group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium). In her PhD thesis ‘Re-Design for Change’ (2012) she showed how transformable building design principles can lead to sustainable material and waste management in buildings, environmental and financial life cycle benefits and support a transition to a circular building economy. For this work she obtained the 4-yearly attributed Gustave Magnel prize of SECO of €10.000 for her PhD as a Prize for Sustainability.

She is currently bringing her expertise in practice by developing, prototyping and assessing innovative adaptable and reusable building solutions within, for example, the H2020 pilot ‘Buildings As Material Banks’. In the ‘Circular Retrofit Lab’, 1 of the 6 pilot projects of BAMB, she demonstrates innovative adaptable and reusable solutions in the first circular renovation project of Belgium in collaboration with pioneers and industrial stakeholders. Also, she is currently consulting architecture offices, policy makers, engineering offices, producers and entrepreneurs on how to implement transformable building principles in architectural projects.  She is also working on participative co-creation projects in which vacant buildings are occupied by the neighborhood with inclusion of circular economy activities.


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