Investigating Social impact of GDC pilot, 15-16 November 2018, Mostar, Bosnia and ‎Herzegovina

“Social impact of GDC pilot” was the theme of a BAMB workshop in Mostar.

City of Mostar hosted the workshop on Social mapping and understanding the social impact of GDC Pilot on the neighbourhood, city of Mostar and Region. The workshop was jointly organised by GDC Pilot leader SGDF, city of Mostar, BRE, BAM UK. The workshop was led by BRE and BAM. SGDF and the city of Mostar have invited key stakeholders who were involved in development of GDC buildings and potential future stakeholders. Stakeholders groups were represented by, NGO’s, engineering companies, students, artists, university, urban farming companies, primary education.

The workshop was opened by the city representative and host Bozo Coric and Senada Demirovic.

The local stakeholders are important. Circular economy within the built environment requires strong interaction between all main stakeholders within the design, construction, use, refurbish and repurposing phases. Read more about the three major systemic changes that have been identified to support the BAMB vision.

Read more about the BAMB pilot GDC.



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Agenda (pdf, 92 kb)