Inauguration of the BRIC pilot – BRIC 1, 15 June 2018, Brussels, Belgium

The BAMB pilot BRIC (Build Reversible In Conception ) is a 100% sustainable building and modular created from materials from reuse. Entirely designed and realized in a logic of circular economy and training, this project is unfolding over 4 years. Each year, the module is deconstructed to be rebuilt with the same materials under a new form. In total, 3 buildings will be used from 2016 to 2020: BRIC1, BRIC2, BRIC3. This allows not only to use the space for many activities, but also to test the most recent techniques.  The building has been completely constructed by the students and deconstruction will begin in October.

The inauguration of BRIC included speches of Mr Giroul, Director of the efp, and Ministers Céline Fremault and Didier Gosuin. A lot of interested people visited BRIC and workshops presented by the BRIC project partners:

The upholstery of circular facades: installation of façade panels by RocRpanel (Alexandre Bourdiaux) and experience diversion of forex panels by COR-Construction (Julien Holef)

– Plumbing and home automation, coating with lay and parquet placement by the efp (Jean-Pierre De BacRer)

– The implementation of special techniques: heat pump (heating and cooling) and network monitoring of installations dtc (Etienne de Montign1: 1) and Primotem (Nathalie Jacqmin-Clautier)


Image: Speech of Minister

Image: Visit at BRIC

Image: From inside of BRIC


Image: BRIC


Image: BRIC Partners

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