Exploration of Reversible Building Design Tools – Workshop Reversible Building Design and Data Management (including BIM) – for BAMB Special Interest Groups, 24 January 2017

A  joint Reversible Building Design and Data Management workshop (including BIM) was taking place in combination with the Annual Meeting of the BAMB Stakeholder Network on 24th of January 2017.

Reversible Building Design Tools were explored, their implementation as well as the integration of data sets into BIM Methodology addressing Recourse efficiency.

The workshop was a occasion to present the project updates and current findings and an opportunity for members to provide feedback and exchange with the project team and the network participants. We want members to be part of it – bringing them one step closer to being competitive in the circular economy!



Brussels Environment – Capreolus Room – 5th floor
Avenue du Port 86C/3000
1000 Brussels, Belgium


– Reversible Building Design Tools and protocol Key Data sets for integration of reversible building design criteria into  BIM – what we need

– Resource productivity Methodology ( LCA, LCC)

– Stakeholders engagement

– Opportunities and next steps – when and who will use them