Summary of BAMB Final event SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH

Thank you for celebrating our results with us and sharing the circular solutions created with all stakeholders of the construction sector! Here you will find documentations from the day and more will come!


Industry Day

Part 1: Welcome Story Keynote Drinkwater, SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH, 05022019 (pdf 5 MB)

Part 2: How BAMB Tools and findings lay the foundation for a pathway towards a circular future, SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH, 05022019 (pdf 17 MB)

Part 3: Reburg Panel Keynote Potočnik, SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH, 05022019 (pdf 8 MB)

Site visit

Site visit of CRL (pdf 6 MB)

Research Days
Click here for the presentations from the Research Days, SBE19 Brussels BAMB-CIRCPATH.


Book of Abstracts from Research Days

The Book of Abstracts (pdf 29 MB) from the Research Days, SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH.


Event proceedings  from Research Days

Click here to access the conference proceedings.

All qualified papers are published in collaboration with IOP Publishers as open access papers in electronic proceedings form within IOP Conference Series Earth and Environmental Science (EES, and are indexed in ISI (Web of Science) and Scopus.


Activities from the event

Movie: Our moderator on the Industry day, Peter Woodward, leaving a final message.

Photo: Welcome by Barbara Dewulf, Deputy Director General, Brussels Environment on the Industry Day

Photo: Caroline Henrotay, BAMB Project Coordinator, Brussels Environment, told the STORY – The influence of BAMB in shaping circularity in the construction industry

Photo: Opening keynote –  ‘The Secret Life of Buildings’ James Drinkwater, Director of World GBC’s Europe Regional Network

HOW – 2 sessions before and after lunch gave the possibility to explore the BAMB tools and results in smaller groups.

1. Making the Right Decision for Circularity

Gilli Hobbs, BRE, Kiru Balson, BRE, Jan Boström, SundaHus, Mark Edwards, Environmental Assessment Manager
– Resources & Construction, Heathrow Airport, moderated by Peter Woodward


2. How can we collaborate to empower the development of materials passports?

Lisa Elfström, SundaHus, Lars Luscuere, EPEA and with the participation of Madaster and Circularise


3. Reversible building design tools, opening the door to circular construction

Elma Durmisevic, University of Twente and 4D Architects


4. Turning BAMB solutions into value for your business

Martijn Peters, IBM, Ke Wang, VITO, Anse Smeets, VITO


Photo: Jackie Sharp, BRE

5. Policy Recommendations – supporting the sector through policy in order to make circularity business as usual

Mervyn Jones, Rijkswaterstaat, Matti Kuittinen, Ministry of Environment of Finland, Josefina Lindblom, DG Environment, Jackie Sharp, BRE, Philippe Van de Velde, Public Waste Agency of Flanders OVAM, Wim Debacker, VITO, Caroline Henrotay, BAMB Project Coordinator, Brussels Environment, Camilla Sjögren, Ronneby Municipality, Molly Steinlage, BAMB Project Coordinator, Brussels Environment


Photo: Anne Paduart, VUB and Teodora Capelle, Brussels Environment

6. Learning by doing – circular architecture tested at real scale

Teodora Capelle, Brussels Environment, Stijn Brancart, VUB (CRL pilot, Brussels), Jean Garcin, Karbon architecture (BRIC pilot,
Brussels), Ernst-Jan Mul, EPEA (REM pilot, Netherlands), Anne Paduart, VUB (CRL pilot, Brussels), Paul Penners, ODS (GTB Lab pilot, Heerlen)


Movie: Some final wise words from our keynote Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel and former EU Commissioner for the Environment SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH, Industry day




Movie: Allan Sandilands, Resource Futures, about collaboration in EU, SBE19 BRUSSELS – BAMB-CIRCPATH, Industry day


Photo: What will be your next step?


Movie: Dorien van der Weele, Royal Mosa, sharing some insights from the BAMB Project