We had an exciting and wonderful day at BAMB stakeholder meeting 2018 in Brussels!

Stefania Rocca, Project Adviser for the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), made the opening remarks and BAMB partners presented the ongoing work within the Project. There were interesting breakout sessions about for example policies for circular economy, pilots, reversible building design and materials passports. At the breakout session with the pilots you could have a close lock at the building products and hear about problems the pilots encountered and how they solved them. An inaugural exposition of the Reversible Experience Modules (REM) pilot project was on site. Next time to see REM will be at Ecobuild in London from 6 to 8 March 2018, where BAMB will participate.

Thank you all for making the most of this day!


Our renowned facilitator for the day, Peter Woodward was eager to start!


Facade system used at BAMB pilot GTBLab

Image: The pilot  Reversible Experience Modules (REMs)


Presentations from the day

Case studies and pilot projects presented by Hannelore Goens – Pilot Coordinator at Brussels Environment  Click to view presentation

Reversible building design tools presented by Elma Durmisevic – Owner of 4D Architects and Professor at the University of Twente Click to view presentation

Materials Passports presented by Lars Luscuere – Collaborator at EPEA Nederland  Click to view presentation

Circular Building Assessment and BIM add-on presented by Gilli Hobbs – Strategy Director, Building Futures at Building Research Establishment Click to view presentation

Business models presented by Martijn Peters  – Managing Consultant, Circular Economy SME at IBM Global Services Click to view presentation

Policies and standards presented by Molly Steinlage – Project Manager and BAMB Project Coordinator at Brussels Environment Click to view presentation

More about the BAMB REM

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