Circular Economy is the new buzz word on the European sustainability agenda. The Building and construction sector in EU use half of all new resources and generates more than a third of all waste in the EU. The building sector needs a new approach and new tools to enable the shift to a circular economy.
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The EU funded BAMB project, Buildings As Material Banks, brings 16 parties throughout Europe together for one mission – enabling a systemic shift in the building sector by creating circular solutions. BAMB – Buildings As Material Banks, is part of the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

Each brick, board, piece of wood or glass in a building has a value. These materials are often not reused after demolition or refurbishments, instead they are wasted, and a cost instead of an asset – in several ways. Sustaining the value of the materials is the key to circular material use – and ways to harvest this value is at the centre of the circular economy.

The BAMB project aims to utilise the true value of these materials and enable a circular building industry. To do this the project will develop practical applications for two pillars, the essential foundation of the project– Materials Passports and Reversible Building Design.

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Towards a circular building sector

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For questions about the BAMB-project: please use the contact form below.

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Horizon 2020

The BAMB project is funded by the European within Horizon 2020 – the biggest EU Research and Innovation programs ever. Horizon 2020 aims to drive development in Europe, to create a sustainable economy and growth.

European Commission about Horizon 2020