Build Reversible In Conception (B.R.I.C.) 

- case studies and pilots in BAMB

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In Brussels, Belgium, an education tool and showcase is created: B.R.I.C. A new module, consisting of a wood frame structure and prefabricated wall, floor and roof boxes, is build, dismantled, reconstructed and transformed 3 times. The size is 70 – 80 m². The sustainable and reversible teaching module is part of an education center and will provide training to future contractors of 12 professions of construction sector (eg. carpenters, masonry contractors, painters, interior designers, electricians, installers of sanitary and heating units) towards circular economy.

Hands-on experience courses are held through module B.R.I.C. The module enables teachers, students and construction product producers to investigate together how different products can be implemented. The yearly redesign, construction and deconstruction enables the integration of the latest evolving techniques and products in the training module.


  • Reversible design
  • The use of new circular building materials and reclaimed/reused materials
  • Short circuits and continuous loops fostering local and circular economy
  • Circular design focussing on high energy performance and the sustainable use of water.

Aims and objectives

  • Investigate and demonstrate the effectiveness and possibility of circular and dynamic building design
  • Involving local actors and stimulate the circular industry
  • Education, awareness and training


  • 09/2016-03/2017: Design of module (phase 1)
  • 04/2017-12/2017: Dismantling/reconstruction/transformation (phase 2)
  • 01/2018-12/2018: Dismantling/reconstruction/transformation (phase 3)
  • 01/2019-12/2019: Dismantling/reconstruction/transformation (phase 4 )

Design scenarios and plans for B.R.I.C

Images: 3d views of BRIC 1

BRIC 1 - an office and meeting room

BRIC 1 will be an office and a meeting room. The structure of the building will be exclusively made of wood, using 2 techniques: on the one hand, a main structure consisting of 4 square vertical beams forming 1 column, on which bars carry the roof; on the other hand, insulated and prefabricated boxes form the outer walls. Similar boxes form the floor and roof, placed on the roof bars.

The design of the wooden structure is mountable/demountable, and in a logic of reversibility of the materials, which allows the reuse of the wood for future modules 2 and 3.

Images: View west-east


Images: View northeast – southwest

Image: BRIC 1 – ground floor


Image: BRIC 1 – first floor

BRIC 2 - enlarged and with a showroom

In the second phase (B.R.I.C. 2), the module will be enlarged with a showroom and a full first floor instead of a carport and a mezzanine. The sloping roof will be transformed into a flat roof enlarging the space of the upper floor. This will generate extra space to organize a shop for products made within the education center and an exhibition space. Also, there will be extra place for offices on the 2nd floor. The actual materialization of B.R.I.C. 2 will depend on the new and continuous collaborations with manufacturers and suppliers, the aim of the pilot being to involve new (innovative) products in the different designs.


Image: BRIC 2 – ground floor


Image: BRIC 2 – first floor