Panel debat for BAMB at Nordic Architecture Fair, 8 November 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden

Invited from the Project Fissac our BAMB partner Lisa Elfström, SundaHus, took part in a panel debat about  at the Nordic Architecture Fair.

“Circular economy is a global mega trend. Meet representatives from companies and academia that is working with circular economy within the building sector and listen to their greatest challenges and the opportunities and trends that they are seeing.
This speech is facilitated by Fissac – a EU project trying to support the development of a circular economy within the building sector”

Nordic Architecture Fair 2017


Image: Participants in the panel debat: Emma Dalväg, Hifab, Lisa Elfström, vice VD/marknadschef, BAMB projektet and Sunda Hus, Annika Gram, researcher, CBI, Carina Loh Lindholm, Projectleader, Carl Zide, Head Of Looprocks