Join us in working with Materials Passports!

Are you are manufacturer and interested in working with Materials Passports for your products?

Set up a (free) account for the Materials Passports Platform Prototype by sending an email to providing the name of the manufacturer you represent. After receiving an account simply log in, click “Add Product” and join the pioneers on product level Materials Passports.

Do you just want to have a look on the platform?

That is also possible. Please send an email to requesting a read-only account. For this only an email address is required.


If you have an account, but need some support getting started please look at the growing help section by clicking the question mark in the top right after signing in, or contact us through with your question and we’ll get back to you asap!

Webpage Materials Passports Platform Prototype

More about Materials Passports

Hope to see you on the platform soon!

The Materials Passports team