Inspiring day with BAMB Pilot Projects, 13 October 2017

The interest for the pilots was great from interested stakeholders  and from BAMB partners. All participants were very enthusiastic and had an inspiring day.

The day started at IBGE, Brussels, where Caroline Henrotay, project manager for BAMB, made an introduction. The pilots New Office Building, Green Design Center, Reversible Experience Module (REM) and Green Transformable Building Lab were presented.  A short demonstration was also given of the Materials Passports Platform prototype by Lars Luscuere, EPEA.  A bus tour took the guests to two of the pilots located in Brussels: Circular Retrofit Lab and BRIC. Presentations and guided tours at the pilots were given.

Image: Presentation of Reversible Experience Module (REM) by Lars Luscuere, EPEA


Image: Presentation of Green Transformable Building Lab by Dr Elma Durmisevic, University of Twente


Visit at Circular Retrofit Lab

Many former students from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) have memories from the Van Der Meeren’s student houses at the campus ‘Oefenplein’.  The campus looks lovely at springtime with the flowering cherry trees. The initial master plan for new residential and educational facilities on campus was to demolish the student houses. It would have been easier, but then you wouldn´t learn so much! So instead of demolition, the transformation and reuse of the modular units is studied and different scenarios are analysed. The ground module of the Van der Meeren student houses has a  suitable form for transports.  It is a good opportunity to have the buildings at campus and to use it in education, collaboration with industry and as showcase.

Some of the student houses are still in use, but there is a building where you can find and visit the Circular Retrofit Lab. At the lab you can eg. find solutions with products designed for reversible building design, that you can explore.

Image: Van Der Meeren’s student houses at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels


Image: Geberit system at Circular Retrofit Lab


Image: Geberit system at Circular Retrofit Lab


Image: Systimber wall component at Circular Retrofit Lab


Image:  Circular Retrofit Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels


Visit at BRIC

A presentation on the exceeded work was given. It was also an excellent opportunity to see the students in action and take a look at the construction site. In the coming months, the module will be put together on site and it is expected that BRIC 1 will be ready beginning of December. It will be used as meeting room and office until it will be deconstructed in May 2018.

Image: The construction site for BRIC with screwable foundations


 Image: Existing test lab MØDÜLL 2.0


Image: Presentation of the exceeded work of BRIC: prefabricated boxes


 Thank you all for your contribution!


BAMB Pilots



Build Reversible In Conception (B.R.I.C.)

Circular Retrofit Lab

Green Transformable Building Lab (GTBL)

New Office Building

Reversible Experience Modult (REM)

Sarajevo Green Design Centre