Read about an exciting week for one of the BAMB team!

Read about an exciting week for one of the BAMB team!
A journalist from Duurzaam Gebouwd has followed Hein van Tuijl, EPEA!
Freely translation:
Tuesday BAMB-day
In Brussels, for the annual conference for the consortium and stakeholders of Buildings As Material Banks (BAMB) in the building of Bruxelles Environnement. In the morning Hein was moderator of the interactive workshop, with also the co-initiator Douglas Mulhall present. “The idea is to use a building as a bank for materials. At the level of product, system and component there have been developing very nice recycling scenario’s. However, the aim should be that at the end of all these new applications, there should remain pure material streams to recycle without compromising quality”.
In the BAMB context he is working with a consortium of 16 partners from 8 countries. BAMB is about circular buildings with several parts such as Materials Passports and Reversible building design.
Today is the stakeholder group, with more than 200 parties, giving their feedback on developed ideas and plans.
“- BAMB is a fantastic development towards large European operation and hopefully standardization. Leaders are adapting the system already in practice, such as in Venlo and Schiphol.”