Reversible Buildings – Event and Workshop around circular demolition of the Hospital Buildings Erasmus MC, 30th November 2016, Rotterdam

Circular demolition of the Hospital building Erasmus MC

Sustainability of buildings is often related to the use of sustainable materials. However, most materials have a much longer technical life cycle than the current functional life cycle of buildings. Booosting ( Dutch Innovation platform) together with University of Twente, Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC), Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (Dutch Governmental Real Estate Company) is investigating the reuse potential of the demolition case: hospital Erasmus MC. Together with architects, contractors, manufacturers and financial experts the potential value of all materials that will be released by the demolition/ deconstruction of Erasmus MC will be discussed.

Currently the so-called reuse potential is under development by an international research team from the University of Twente, being part of the European Horizon 20|20 project: Buildings As Material Banks (BAMB). Booosting board member Elma Durmisevic is project leader in the BAMB project in which a reuse potential Quick scan is established based on Durmisevic’ transformation capacity model.

The BAMB research team is also developing design tools and protocols for reversible building design. Together with sixteen European partners they are developing a proposal for new European standards and regulations to allow and promote the shift towards a circular construction sector. The realization of the Green Transformable Building Laboratorium GTB Lab, which will be part of the IBA Parkstad in Heerlen, will support this research.

Wednesday 30 November an event is organized to discuss the topic circular demolition of the hospital building Erasmus MC.



First the European horizon 20|20 project Buildings As Material Banks will be introduced. The reversible building design protocol will be explained and the topics reuse potential and transformation capacity will be described. These topics will be part of the Quickscan reuse potential. The application of the Quickscan on the case Erasmus MC will be presented.

The second part of this event will be a workshop in which three focus groups will be formed: 1) reversed design, 2) re-manufacturing and 3) re-financing. In this workshop each group will examine the reuse potential for the Erasmus building from their professional point of view. This workshop with stakeholders should be seen as a reflection on the results of the Quickscan reuse potential.



General information

Date:                                               Wednesday 30 November     2016

Time:                                               14h00 – 18h00

Location:           Erasmus Medisch Centrum, ’s-Gravendijkwal 230, 3015 CE Rotterdam