Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings (GTB Lab) – at Construction Fair in Utrecht, 7th February 2017

Elma Durmisevic had a key lecture about Green Transformable Buildings (GTB Lab) at a Dutch Construction fair (BouwBeurs 2017) in Utrecht, February 7, 2017.

On the border area, Avantis unfolds in the coming period, the Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings (GTB Lab) which is an important part of the IBA Labor, European Innovation Park between Germany and Belgium.

Green Transformable Building Lab (GTB Lab) initiated / established by Booosting board Elma Durmisevic (4D Architects and UT) is a unique European Laboratory introducing a systemic shift in the building sector. A new philosophy where waste is considered a design error.

GTBLab is developed by a consortium of industry partners and in cooperation with ZUYD Hogeschool in Limburg and Twente University. GTBLab also contributes to the development of tools, standards and regulations for circular building within the European Research project BAMB – Buildings As Material Banks.

Date: February 7, 2017

Time 10:40 – 11: 05h

Place: BouwBeurs 2017 – Jaarbeurs Utrecht

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Photo: Elma Durmisevic (4D Architects and UT)


More lectures about Reversible Building Design

Elma talks on April 12, 2017 about Reversible Building Design Building in Holland together with colleagues from IBM and EPEA.


More information (link in Dutch)