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Results News Materials Passports 18/01/02

Now you can read the Materials passports framework report!

An extract of the materials passports framework report is now open and available! Framework for Materials Passports, [...]

Reversibel Building Design News Materials Passports Former events 17/12/11

Ongoing approaches on circular economy, Webinar, 19 December 2017

Caroline HENROTAY presented our Project at a one hour Circular Economy webinar arranged by UNEP: "Circularity in buildin [...]

News Former events 17/11/30

Watch the video from Distruptive Innovation Festival, DIF 2017, 23 November 2017

"What makes a circular economy for the built environment?" was the topic of our opartner Gilli Hobbs´ session at the Dis [...]

Post News 17/11/28

Pilots and innovative business models in BAMB Newsletter November 2017!

Newsletter November 2017 with special focus on pilots and innovative business models Subcribe and find previous newsl [...]

News Former events 17/11/23

Smart buildings with BAMB at Smart Cities Conference, 23 November 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

Smarta Städer 2017 (Smart cities)  are an industry-wide trade fair for the future smart and sustainable city. Here you c [...]

News Former events 17/11/09

“ADVANCES IN WASTE MANAGEMENT IN THE CONTEXT OF CIRCULAR ECONOMY”, 10th International Technical Waste Conference, 21 to 23 November 2017

The International Technical Waste Conference (JTIR) was hold in Porto, from the 21st to the 23rd of November 2017, durin [...]

Reversibel Building Design Post News Former events 17/11/20

Keynote for BAMB at BIMide3 in Cairo, 19 November 2017, Cairo, Egypt

  BIMide3 -Building Information Modelling: Integrated Design Environment for Engineering Education is a  [...]

Stakeholder Network Special Interest Groups Results Post Pilots and case studies News Circular Building Business models 17/11/16

Is there a need for innovative Circular Buildings Business Models?

A business model is describing the way ‘how we actually make money’ by defining the value proposition and build up an un [...]

News Former events 17/11/09

Panel debat for BAMB at Nordic Architecture Fair, 8 November 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden

Invited from the Project Fissac our BAMB partner Lisa Elfström, SundaHus, took part in a panel debat about  at the Nordi [...]

News Materials Passports Former events 17/11/07

Interest for BAMB at building symposium organized by C2C Verein e.V. October 26,2017, Munich

Katja Hansen from EPEA presented the BAMB project and material passports at a building symposium organized by the region [...]

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