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News 18/06/07

Internal Launch of Circular Building Assessment, 6 June 2018, Guimarães, Portugal

In a building project there are many decisions and calculations regarding choice of materials, products and components a [...]

Stakeholder Network Special Interest Groups Results Post Pilots and case studies News Circular Building Business models 17/11/16

Is there a need for innovative Circular Buildings Business Models?

A business model is describing the way ‘how we actually make money’ by defining the value proposition and build up an un [...]

News 16/12/09
Keynote speaker

“Exploring pathways for circular economies” – seminar about BAMB, 1th December 2016, Brusselles

A seminar of the VUB Chair in PPP sponsored by Deloitte, Sweco, KBC, Laga and Triodos Bank took place on Thursday 1 Dece [...]

News 16/09/05

BAMB Newsletter

Whats new in the project? Have you signed up for the BAMB newsletter? Read the first BAMB newsletter. Want to sign up? [...]

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