Reversible Experience Modules (REM)


The Reversible Experience Modules (REM) will be portable exhibitions demonstrating Reversible Building Design or re-use of systems, products and materials. The REMs provide a demonstration of products with interactive learning modules, using Materials Passports in a reversible portable setting to graphically demonstrate how to eliminate waste. Visitors will be invited for hands-on training to assemble and disassemble materials, products and systems based on Materials Passports and Reversible Design.

The REMs will be 100 percent modular and portable while also being interactive. Approximately 70 different materials, products & systems are being demonstrated, ranging from single materials to complete systems. Every product will have an example of a passport and description of its design for reversibility.

After a module or any set of them will have been used in one location, the materials, components, systems, etc. will be transported, reused and reconfigured in a new location. This will enable both a waste and virgin resource use reduction compared with a classic approach where the module would be wasted after one use.

  • Objectives: Demonstrate and test the practical utility of passports for products (what they are and how they work) in an interactive operational environment


Image: Preliminary concept design, © MAP architecture sprl