5 February 2019, Brussels, Belgium


We all know it, building materials end up as waste when no longer needed, which can in turn harm ecosystems, increase environmental costs, and contribute to resource scarcity. Yet, buildings can also be seen as material banks located at every corner of urban areas.

Considering buildings as a resource is a first step towards creating value of otherwise worthless materials. From materials passports through reversible building design and circular business models to policy recommendations — i less than four years — BAMB2020 has established a series of actionable tools to enable a transition towards a more circular economy.

Sharing solutions, shifting the construction business. The day aims to share the circular solutions created with all stakeholders of the construction sector, get practical feedback, have fruitful exchanges and pass on the knowledge created. The BAMB-CIRCPATH event is an industry day during which we will celebrate cutting-edge practices through interactive sessions.

The Industry Day taking place on 5 February 2019 is inviting innovation enthusiasts and construction industry professionals to come along for fresh insights into ‘Circular building’.

Why attend?

  1. Be a trendsetter – Learn, explore and select the tools most appropriate for your industry.
  2. “My type of people” – we invite like-minded innovation enthusiasts and practitioners who will be fired up about the next big thing that’s going to shape building industry.
  3. Have your say – delegates will have allocated time to provide feedback, exchange ideas and results.

If you are interested to explore the BAMB tools and results for your business and industry – register online and Join the debate!



Latest programme (pdf 700 kB, updated on 01/02/2019)



Presentations from the Industry day SBE19 Brussels – BAMB-CIRCPATH (pdf 30 MB)


The conference will be held at:

Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM)
Site de Tour & Taxis
Avenue du Port 86C/3000
1000 Brussels, Belgium



More activities

There is more activities going on that you might wish to register for:

BAMB Site Visit 6 February 2019

Visit the BAMB pilot Circular Retrofit Lab, that investigates and demonstrates how Reversible Building Design can prevent demolition waste when refurbishing existing buildings.

BAMB Research Days 6-7 February 2019

An international conference part of the worldwide prestigious SBE19 Conference Series for researchers and industry experts to exchange their ideas and research and showcase advanced innovative technologies and methodologies for the built environment.

BAMB Final event 5-7 February 2019

The BAMB Consortium is pleased to invite you to participate in BAMB’s final event “Buildings As Materials Banks – a pathway for a circular future” (SBE19 Brussels – BAMB-CIRCPATH), with three seperate activities