Policies for the future – read the report “BAMB Framework for Policies, Regulations and Standards”

Policies, standards and regulations will have a crucial impact on the applicability of dynamic and circular building design. For example, in terms of circular
business model development, such instruments allhave a bearing on value creation. Governments anregulators have the potential to be influencing forces
in all phases of a building’s lifecycle. In addition, public authorities can take a key role as early
adopters and leaders in embedding and normalising circularity.

The transition to a dynamic and circular built
environment1 requires both action and vision. This transition will need systemic changes, boosting opportunities and eliminating barriers, going beyond technical innovation. The Framework for Policies, Regulations and Standards provides a roadmap for changes which will allow the
transformation of the industry to circular principles, through a set of recommendations to guide policy-makers

Read the report “BAMB Framework for Policies, Regulations and Standards” (pdf 4 MB)


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