EPEA presents BAMB at C2C Café´s in The Netherlands and Germany, 17th and 24th November, 2016

EPEA represented BAMB at the Cradle to Cradle Café in Venlo (NL) on 17th of November and in Frankfurt on 24th of November.

Hein van Tuijl (director EPEA Nederland, in the photo above) and Mike Blicker (Coordinator Scientific Project Team EPEA International) spoke about the intentions and goals of the project and gave an overview of the status of the development. Visitors were invited to participate in the project through the stakeholder network and special interest groups.

The Cradle to Cradle Café is an initiative by three Cradle to Cradle pioneering companies: Desso, Royal Mosa and Royal Ahrend.

In bi-monthly mini-seminars at changing locations, visitors are informed and challenged to spread ideas and discuss topics in the area of Cradle to Cradle and circular economy.


Photo: Mike Blicker, Coordinator Scientific Project Team EPEA International