Summary Stakeholder Network in Brussels, Belgium, 3th of May, 2016

Movies and presentations

Here you find movies and presentations from the BAMB Stakeholder Network Launch.

Title Speaker Movie Pdf
“General project description” Caroline Henrotay – Project Manager, IBGE
“How BAMB Supports Great Designs” Katja Hansen, EPEA
“Collaborating for a Circular Economy” Nitesh Magdani, BAM Construct UK
SIG 1 Materials Passports Lars Luscuere, EPEA
SIG 2 Reversible Building Design Dr. Elma Durmisevic, University of Twente
SIG 3 Data management Gilli Hobbs, BRE
SIG 4 Business Models Jad Oseyran, IBM
SIG 5 Policies and Standards Gilli Hobbs, BRE
SIG 6 Case Studies and Pilots Hannelore Goens, IBGE
"How to join" Molly Steinlage, Project Coordinator, IBGE