“Circulair bouwen in 1 dag”, 16 March 2018, Amsterdam

On Friday, March 16, 2018, C2C Products Innovation Institute, the C2C Bouwgroep and C2C Café organized a unique seminar for architects, designers, owners, developers and building professionals. Participants were taken into the world of materials and circular building in one day. From Molecule to Metropolis.

BAMB partners Hein Van Tuijl and Ernst-Jan Mul from EPEA hold a workshop of BAMB “The building: Why, How, What of buildings as Material Banks” during the day. The seminar is arranged by C2C Products Innovation Institute,  C2C Bouwgroep and C2C Café. 

This seminar is organized for construction professionals who are curious about what healthy and circular building can bring to their organization. We are looking to engage with progressive companies that have set themselves sustainability/circularity goals, but still have doubts about the strategy and are looking for ways align their values with their operations as soon as possible. For these sustainable design professionals, it will be a day full of inspiration, workshops and know-how from various world leaders who want to make visitors aware of the circular values ​​and involve them in the framework and the principles of circular and healthy design.

The program of this day has been set up tightly and efficiently so that, after contributions by,Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circle Economy, Delta Development, ARUP, C2C ExpoLAB, Arche Consulting, BAMB and several Cradle to Cradle certified manufacturers, participants  have enough space to network.

After this seminar, the visitor will have acquired a wealth of knowledge and a concrete step-by-step plan that is supplemented with valuable connections to quickly and adequately build circular and healthy buildings.

Registration, more details and about the program can be found here (in Dutch)


Location: CIRCL Pavilion Amsterdam
Date: 16 March, 09.30 – 16.30
Language: Dutch/English