EPEA was founded in 1987 by Dr. Michael Braungart and developed the Cradle to Cradle® concept under his supervision. Together with its partners, EPEA works on circular solutions along the entire production chain, by doing research on materials and their impact on man and environment, take-back systems, innovation potential and new business models. Our goal is the realisation of positive footprints.

EPEA sets up goals in roadmaps and stimulates stakeholders to actively participate in their realisation. We support C2C product development. Using clear protocols, we work on improving existing products and creating entirely new ones. We lead the C2C certification of products, to make efforts towards a circular economy visible in the market as well.


We have been describing the Materials Passports to be developed within BAMB as a concept for many years, including in peer-reviewed articles. Within BAMB we bring in the lessons learned in developing our Circularity Passports™, which show the circular value proposition of buildings, systems, products and materials of all parties involved in the value chain, which form a solid base for successful cycles, and the starting point for Materials Passports.




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