The electronic Materials Passports developed in BAMB aim to be a one stop shop for material information.

Materials passports



The mission of BAMB is to enable the shift to a circular building sector. Effective recovery and reuse of components, products or materials in buildings requires that the right information is easily accessible. This information is also crucial for choosing materials, products and components that later can be re-used.

Electronic Materials Passports

The electronic Materials Passports developed in BAMB aim to be a one stop shop for material information. Materials Passports developed in BAMB are sets of data describing defined characteristics of materials in products that give them value for recovery and reuse.

BAMB Materials Passports aim to:

  • Increase the value or keep the value of materials, products and components over time
  • Create incentives for suppliers to produce healthy, sustainable and circular materials/building products
  • Support materials choices in Reversible Building Design projects
  • Make it easier for developers, managers and renovators to choose healthy, sustainable and circular building materials
  • Facilitate reversed logistics and take back of products, materials and components



Within the project 300 Materials Passports for various products, components or materials will be developed together with a software solution. The software will facilitate the appropriate accessibility of information for different stakeholders at specific stages in the process.

There are already some materials passports and other ways to collect information about materials and building products, e.g. material databases, but none have the full ability to support a circular use of sustainable materials.

Material Passports provide the necessary information about materials, products and components for a circular use of building materials, products and components whilst supporting reversible design.

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