Circular Buildings Business Models

Background business models

BAMB´s mission is to enable the shift to a circular building sector. The current financial models support a linear use of resources, in a take, make, use, waste sequence. To enable re-use, repair and circular material flows in industrial symbiosis we need new ways to calculate and use the financial advantages of a circular building sector. Variables like ownership, transactions, former externalities and timescales could need new approaches to support the recovery and reuse of building components and Reversible Building Design.


New business models

BAMB will develop new business models to enable a circular use of materials, building components and/or building elements as well as pragmatic operating models that support these business models. The business models will look into ways to create added value for each stakeholder and the identification of current bottlenecks within this new value chain. Developing business models will also require the identification of the business capabilities that are needed to be built/enhanced for the prioritized business components.

The development of the business models will specifically focus on:

  • the value adding opportunities to leverage the Material Passports concepts and tools to enable sustainable improvements to the existing value chain
  • the value adding opportunities to leverage the Reversible Building Design concepts and tools to enable sustainable improvements to the existing value chain
  • the critical success factors for future use of the different components of the project
  • the needs and desires from a market perspective of the different stakeholders in the value chain related to material passport and reversible building design
  • value propositions, revenue model and insights on the enterprise model and industry networks

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