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Post News 19/01/16

“Future Circular Cities – Making it Real”, 24 January 2019, Peterborough, England

BAMB partner Gilli Hobbs spok about BAMB and the BRE experience on “Future Circular Cities – Making it Real” Developing [...]

News 18/11/19

Disruptive Innovation Festival – Circular Economy in the Built Environment: Innovation and Implementation 19 November 2018

What about a Zero built house, super isolated with healthy materials that you actually can take with you when you move, [...]

Post News Former events 18/11/26

UK Construction Week, 9 October 2018, England

BAMB partner Gilli Hobbs, BRE had a session about !Circular Economy and the Built Environment". This session explored [...]

News Former events 18/03/14

BAMB and REMs on the agenda for event at BRE, 22 March 2018, Watford, England

This free event provided inspiration to product manufacturers, designers, building developers and owners. BRE hosted [...]

News Former events 17/11/30

Watch the video from Distruptive Innovation Festival, DIF 2017, 23 November 2017

"What makes a circular economy for the built environment?" was the topic of our opartner Gilli Hobbs´ session at the Dis [...]

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