Overview of main BAMB reports and publications


Circular Built environment & future (WP1)

BAMB “Synthesis of the state-of-the-art and key barriers and opportunities for Materials Passports and Reversible Building Design in the current system” (D1, 11/2016)

BAMB “Visualisation of the blueprint of desired system configurations” (D2 Video, 5/2017)

Reburg website – Online visualisation of BAMB Lessons Learned and Best Practices (D3, 1/2019)

BAMB “Common language” webpage


Material Passports (WP2)

Explanatory Material Passports video (12/2019)

BAMB “Material Passports – Best Practice” (E-book, 2/2019)

BAMB “Operational Material Passports” report (D7, 1/2019)

BAMB “Framework for Material Passports” report extract (May 2017)

“Creating Buildings with Positive Impacts” (E-book, 2/2019)


Reversible Building Design Tools (WP3)

BAMB Reversible Building Design Guidelines (synthesis of D10, 3/2018)

Design Strategies for Reversible Buildings (E-book, 2/2019)

Explorations for Reversible Buildings (E-book, 2/2019)



Testing BAMB results through pilots and prototyping (WP4)

BAMB pilots – “4 Pilots built + Feedback report” (D14, 2/2019)

BAMB pilots – “Prototyping + Feedback report” (D13, 4/2018)

BAMB pilots – “Feasibility study + Feedback report” (D12, 8/2017)


Circular Building Assessment (WP5 A1)

BAMB Circular Building Assessment prototype webpage (11/2018) & report (2/2019)


Business models

“Why invest in a reversible building design?” article (12/2018)

“Buildings as Material Banks and the need for innovative Business Models” report extract (10/2017)


Policies and standards (WP5)

BAMB Framework for policies, regulations and standards (D19, 1/2019)

BAMB State of the art report on Policies and Standards (11/2016)


Open-access repository links (Zenodo)

Creating Buildings with Positive Impacts

Metals Value Chain