Sarajevo Green Design Centre


The Green Design Centre pilot project will be a creative hub bringing creative and production industries together around Reversible Building Design concepts and the use of Materials Passports. It will be used for educational purposes and as a construction innovation platform.

The Green Design Centre will be a new construction of 100 m² replacing an existing structure in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The GDC is showcasing and testing Reversible Building Design concepts and setting up an innovation platform with the regional construction companies and manufacturing industry around joint research and development of dynamic and circular buildings, components and systems. This will enable investigation of new business and operational models through the pilot.


The pilot will particularly focus on integral aspects of sustainable construction and showcase the development of universal building parts that are applicable for new construction and renovation. In collaboration with the industry, demountable, reusable and upgradeable solutions will be designed and engineered for each part of the Green Design Center. In order to provide independence and exchangeability of building elements (a key to re-use and transformation) the design of the pilot will especially focus on the functional integration of reconfigurable and reusable modular components.

  • Objectives: Green Design Centre will be developed as a multipurpose and demountable/replaceable structure demonstrating waste reduction of 60% and the reduction of the use of virgin materials by 50%.