3d model of the preliminary design

Build Reversible In Conception (B.R.I.C.) 

- case studies and pilots in BAMB

In Brussels, Belgium, an education tool and showcase will be created, B.R.I.C. An existing base module will be extended, dismantled, reconstructed and transformed several times. The size will be 65 – 80 m² / 200m³. The sustainable and reversible teaching module will be part of a  education centre and provide training to 12 professions of construction sector (eg. carpenters, masonry contractors, painters, interior designers, electricians, installers of sanitary and heating units) towards circular economy.

Hands-on experience courses will be held through module B.R.I.C. Until 2019 the modul will be redesigned, constructed, transformed and deconstructed three times. The aim is to investigate together, implement and improve the newest techniques.


  • Reversible design
  • The use of new circular building materials and reclaimed/reused materials
  • Short circuits and continuous loops fostering local and circular economy
  • Circular design focussing on high energy performance and the sustainable use of water.

Aims and objectives

  • Investigate and demonstrate the effectiveness and possibility of circular and dynamic building design
  • Involving local actors and stimulate the circular industry
  • Education, awareness and training



Phase 1: 09/2016-03/2017: Design of module

Phase 2: 04/2017-12/2017: Dismantling/reconstruction/transformation

Phase 3: 01/2018-12/2018: Dismantling/reconstruction/transformation

Phase 4: 01/2019-12/2019: Dismantling/reconstruction/transformation