Ronneby muncipality

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Ronneby is the oldest town in the region of Blekinge. The municipality has 29 000 inhabitants and is situated in the south-east of Sweden. Ronneby has a long tradition as a health resort where people from the cities in northern Europe bathed, drank life-giving water and walked in the beautiful park. With a unique position around the waterfalls and streams of the Ronneby river, and with the town centre only three kilometres from the sea and the archipelago, Ronneby is rich in natural value.


In 2011 Ronneby became officially inspired by Cradle to Cradle®. Today all municipal building and planning projects in Ronneby have a circular approach, aiming to use healthy materials which can be reused in cycles without losing value whilst adding to biodiversity, social cohesion and aesthetical value.


For Ronneby BAMB is a way to build knowledge and help enable a circular built environment. Cefur (Centre for Research and Development in Ronneby) is driving this effort within the municipality.


This project supports us on our journey towards a healthy and circular built environment. It is a chance for us to learn and develop new solutions together with the cutting edge expertise in the area.



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Ronneby Municipality