Drees & Sommer


Drees & Sommer is an international engineering and consulting company working in the building and real estate sector with head office in Stuttgart Germany and 2300 employees worldwide. The key services provided by the company are development and process consulting, infrastructure consulting, project management and engineering as well as real estate consulting. Drees & Sommer accompanies building construction and infrastructure projects of all types and sizes for nearly all branches from the initial idea to implementation and operation.

According to the corporate philosophy “the blue way” the aspects of economic efficiency and sustainability are always seen in context. The core topics include green building, green development and portfolio optimisation, from consulting via project management up to certification and international green building labels. Another service focus is on professional processing of complex large-scale projects supported by innovative measures such as building information modelling and lean construction management.

Drees & Sommer is committed to establishing and spreading the cradle to cradle philosophy in the real estate and construction industry. BAMB and the implementation of Material Passports will help us to enable the prevention of construction and demolition waste, the reduction of resource consumption and the development towards a circular economy.


Contact information:

Valentin Brenner

Drees & Sommer Advanced Building Technologies

Obere Waldplätze 11

70569 Stuttgart


e-mail: valentin.brenner@dreso.com