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Pilots and case studies News 17/10/03

Inauguration of the BRIC pilot project in Brussels, 27 September 2017

Inauguration of our pilot unit in Brussels, Build Reversible In Conception (B.R.I.C.), has been held on 27 September 201 [...]

Pilots and case studies News 16/12/12
people in meeting

Presentation of B.R.I.C. Pilot Project, 12 December 2016, Brussells

The B.R.I.C. Pilot Project was presented at a stakeholder meeting on December 12th from 09:00 till [...]

Pilots and case studies News 16/12/05

Stakeholder meeting BRIC, 12th December 2016, Brussels

Invitation to the Presentation of the B.R.I.C. Pilot Project December 12, 2016 from 9:00 to 12: [...]

Pilots and case studies News 16/10/17
house module

Official launch of pilot BRIC, 13 October 2016, Brussells

During this event, BRIC was presented by the educational organization where the module will be build. Caroline henrot [...]

Pilots and case studies News 16/10/07

Conclusions and Outcomes of Pilot Workshop, 20th September, 2016, Brussells

Within the project BAMB, the pilot projects are an important link between all Work Packages (WP). The pilots will test r [...]

Pilots and case studies News 16/09/23

A day with focus on the Pilots

In the spirit of collaboration the BAMB partners convened for a full day with focus on our pilots. BAMB has six pilots, [...]

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