HISER International Conference – “Advances in Recycling and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste”, 21, 22, & 23 June 2017, Delft, The Netherlands

Abstract submisson extended to 31th January 2017.

This event is organized in collaboration with the H2020 project BAMB – Building as Material Banks.

Currently 461 million tons per year of (ever more) complex construction and demolition waste (C&DW) are generates within the European Union. The average recycling rate is around 46%. Therefore there is still a significant loss of potential valuable minerals, metals and organic materials all over Europe. Several initiatives are ongoing worldwide to develop methodologies and technologies to turn this waste streams into resources for the benefit of the economy and the environment. Among them, the European funded HISER project (www.hiserproject.eu) which aims  to develop and demonstrate novel cost-effective technological and non-technological holistic solutions for a higher recovery of raw materials from ever more complex C&DW, by considering circular economy approaches throughout the building value chain (from the End-of-Life Buildings to new Buildings).

The proposed conference intends to provide researchers and industry experts with the opportunity to exchange their ideas and showcases in advanced/innovative technologies and methodologies to process and valorize C&DW in the context of circular economy.

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