Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

- a BAMB partner

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Zuyd offers five Bachelor’s and seven Master’s degree programmes that are taught in English. It is an open invitation for you to immerse yourself in a truly international environment, with fellow students from all corners of the world. Experience and celebrate cultural diversity like you’ve never done before, both inside and outside the classroom. You will have the time of your life.

Small-scale and intimate 
We offer you the best of both worlds: a small-scale, intimate learning environment. All of Zuyd’s faculties are relatively small, tight-knit communities, where you find a personal and welcoming atmosphere. Lectures are interactive, with room for personal guidance as well as the freedom to develop into a skilled and creative professional. Zuyd’s project-based learning method allows you to work in small groups of no more than 15 students, supported by a tutor. This method encourages you to actively participate in group discussions and to enhance your problem solving skills. 

English-taught programmes
International students are very welcome to join our English-taught programmes:

  • Bachelor’s degree: four-year study programmes which provide a solid foundation in professional training. Once you’ve obtained the degree you can either directly enter the job market or continue your studies by the applying to the Master’s degree. 
  • Master’s degree: one- or two-year study programmes which provide rigorous, advanced training in specific sectors. 
  • Short programmes: taking part in one of our short programmes can be interesting for you if you are looking for a career development or if you want to gain some foreign experience.  

Exchange programmes
Zuyd has a broad range of student exchange programmes with partner institutions across the world. If you are a student at one of these institutions, it is easy to take part. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) guarantees academic recognition of your coursework abroad. The system is designed to measure and compare your learning achievements in different countries, and to ensure a hassle-free transfer to your home institution.

Dutch-taught degree programmes
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences also offers about 35 bachelors‘ degrees and 13 masters’ degrees in Dutch. Please note that you will need a strong command of Dutch (NT2 level) in order to enrol in these courses.



Zuyd University views students as professionals in development. We are an open knowledge institute where professionals in every phase of their development cross the borders of disciplines and organizations to collaborate on the transfer, development, and application of high-quality, practically-oriented knowledge. That is why we are participants in the BAMB project.


Contact information

Werner Eussen, Project Manager, +31 6 416 850 14